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Company Nurse Call Center

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A company nurse generally refers to the nurse employed by a company who is exclusively available to provide nursing and health care services to employees or workers who might have accidentally injure themselves while at work. Aside from the nursing care, the nurse also is usually in charge of providing education and training programs to company personnel about health and wellness including methods on how to prevent injury at work, good ergonomics, and other health concerns.

A company nurse in a call center basically functions like a typical company nurse except that the nurse provides particular health and wellness services that particularly relates to health risks to the job of call center agent. For instance, good ergonomics is taught by the nurse because most agents sit in front of the computer for 8 hours.

Incidentally, the nurse for a call center must be well familiar with the emergency care, treatment and prevention of back pains, carpal tunnel syndrome and other bone stiffness due to the stationary positions of the agents. Because agents talk a lot, throat infections is also a common problem. Because of limited breaks inside and air-conditioned room, many agents also suffer from, Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) because many tend to hold their personal necessities while at work.

As most call center agents work at graveyard shifts, the company nurse must be knowledgeable on how agents can recover and adopt changes in their biological clock so that they can effectively be productive at night and find sleep in the day time. Incidentally, the lack of sleep among agents can cause insomnia, migraine, headaches and other related problems, which the company nurse should be able to handle.
Moreover, because of the graveyard night life, Call center agents become susceptible to unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking too much coffee, eating processed food as well as drinking alcohol. A call center company nurse should therefore be prepared to deal with health issues and problems arising from such unhealthy practices.

The whole idea here is for the call center company nurse to be able to identify in advance and possibly prevent the potential “risk factors” in call center workplace. The nurse apparently must have a degree in nursing better yet a license and must equally be willing to go on night shift to serve his/ her co-employees.

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    Hi!!! I am a graduate of Central Philippine University Batch 2010 and I am a registered nurse. I would like to work as a company nurse. Thank you and God bless!!!

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