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ComPass Solutions

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ComPass Solutions is a company specialized to provide customer care solutions to various firms and organizations coming from different industries. At ComPass Philippines, the company’s primary goal is to deliver customer service of the highest quality to its clients’ customers. The company is also dedicated and impassioned when it comes to customer service – it works closely with its clients to provide the quality of customer service that can build loyalty and trust. Aside from customer service, ComPass Solutions also provides technical assistance, telemarketing and call center assistance. The company does personalized trainings of its employees to be able to address the specific needs and requirements of its clients.

Products and Services
Customer Support. ComPass Solutions is dedicated on developing the experience of the customers through delivering reliable service provision from all the customer contacts. The company has significant expertise when it comes to care bridging practically all industries and applications.

Telesales. In coordination with the clients’ objective on sales, ComPass Solutions has the proficiency to develop, create and implement customer attainment and sales solutions that allows the clients to address and even go over their revenue goals. ComPass Solutions manages the sales centers in both inbound and outbound operations.

Financial Services. ComPass Solutions delivers a one of a kind and mixed service model by means of the overlaying of several front-office and back office operations in order to guarantee a smooth experience for the clients’ customers and improvingly proficient for the clients’ business.

Technical Support. ComPass Solutions delivers a huge array of technical support and help desk services that are specialized on attaining assessable, complete satisfaction for the clients’ customers. The company hires passionate and highly technically-trained teams on a combined, multi-channel platform to deliver complete technical product support.

Telemarketing. ComPass Solutions possesses an exceptionally performing telemarketing team that delivers modified telemarketing services that are appropriate to the clients’ specific requirements. The company can also modify scripts and programs rapidly and professionally develop a telemarketing application that is appropriate for the clients’ current requirement.

Why Work at ComPass Solutions
ComPass Solutions believes that its employees are the key ingredient to its success. At ComPass Solutions, the employees are passionate and hardworking, making each day productive by means of providing excellent customer service. In return, ComPass Solutions recognizes these efforts by providing the employees proper recognition for their hard work and giving them further opportunities that would allow them to realize both their personal and professional goals.

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