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Complaint Rebuttals

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Rebuttals pertain to effective responses in handling difficult irate customers who are complaining. Complaints are common because are reflections of problems and imperfection. Two of the principal things that Call center agents should possess are patience and understanding in dealing with customers. Complaints are acceptable and they are part of the job. In fact, handling complaints is one of the major functions of customer service. So how should agents handle and refute complaints.

To appease a complaining customer, the first thing to do is to acknowledge their anger and apologize for the inconvenience it caused them. Saying sorry will make a whole lot of difference in facilitating an effective and objective conversation. An apology early at the onset is a key strategy to manage the call.

Reassuring the customer of addressing the issue will also help alleviate his or her fury. In doing this, an agent must have complete control of the situation. One should act and not react of what the customer is saying. The apologies should be backed up by an acceptable explanation why a problem arises, without necessarily discussing or revealing the weakness or flaw of the company.

Once the issue or problem had been appropriately identified and established, the agent should then act proactively in addressing or resolving the issue. This can be done by being transparent in explaining what you are going to do. Make sure that what you promise is delivered. If necessary, one can make a return call to the customer to update what has happened. For instance, if company policy allows, the agent should call the customer for feedback. In most cases, customers want to get a personal assistance to feel prioritized and valued by the company. At this point, one can be assured of a happy and contented customer.

Agents should treat a complaint as an opportunity for business to learn and grow. A complaint could be a problem that has been missed by the company, which can be addressed by proper policy. Thus, agents should take feedback or complaints as opportunities for improvement. This entails the agent to raise the issue to higher authorities for proper addressing so that repeat complaints of the same nature will be prevented. As such, the agent should show that they value the complaint of the customer as it will help them improve their services or products.

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