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Computer Technician in Call Center

A computer technician is a person who preserves and cares for the computer to maintain its proper conditions. They repair and maintain computers and servers. As a technician, the task is to protect and include building or configuring new parts of the computer which is the hardware, they know how to install and updates new software packages and others. A technician must know how to create and maintain the computer networks and making it usable to any other computer by means of the knowledge in networking. They are knowledgeable in all variety of settings, covering both private and the public sectors of different business institutions. This profession as a technician is not as in demand as other jobs in the country today; this profession can be achieved by enrolling in licensed and certified schools in order to land a formal job in this field. Trainings and other formal educations can be achieved sometimes in a year or less.

There are different kinds of computer technician for different jobs they have to handle. For example there are Computer technician in the military, national security or law enforcement communities, in the health center or public safety field, in an educational institution, these computer technicians are the one who are in the field of educational institutions or the in charge when the computers in schools got defective. Despite the infinite variety of work environments, all the computer technicians accomplish the same physical and investigative processes, as well as the technical support, the technical support focus on the customers concern about their computers over all problems regarding the software and the hardware.

The skilled technicians are the ones who are focus on the fields of data recovery, system administration or information system. Others are self employed technicians meaning they are on their own as a technician, they are on call basis. They provide services on different areas in their place. Others are subcontracted as a freelancers or consultants in other companies. Many consider themselves as hobbyist or fanatics when it comes to repairing a computer. These types of persons are those who considered themselves as the volunteer or they just make a little side money for them to sustain or provide for themselves.

A computer technician in a call center must posses an attitude that has patience in dealing with a customer. Sometimes customers are irate when calling to ask for help in a call center company. The agent must have the ability to speak with the customers with proper handling of calls, and especially maintain a positive attitude with their customers.

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  1. Florencio B Jimenez Reply

    i apply my self as a computer technician and welling to train before going to regular work

  2. Hansford Cadiz Reply

    I’m willing to apply for Computer Technician and under go training in any available date and time that requires.

  3. Jay-ar Intes Yee Reply

    I am willing to apply as a computer technician and under go to any interview, training or workshops at your most convenient time.

  4. Michael Andrew Catajay Pagatpatan Reply

    I’m willing to apply for Computer Technician and under go training in any available date and time that requires. I am very interested in working at your Company and I believe my skills, especially in computer literacy and other programs, would be an ideal match for this position.

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