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How to Conduct a Job Analysis in a Call Center

A job analysis is a systematic procedure whereby one identifies the required knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies are required for the successful performance of a job. The process involves collecting, recording and analyzing information about the subject matter, framework and requirements of the job. This management process is conducted as a tool for recruitment, establishing a salary guide, creating job titles, and setting standards for evaluating performance reviews, among others. Job analysis among others, results to the creation of appropriate job descriptions, duties and responsibilities.

The first step to conduct a job analysis is generates a list of tasks or assignments and competencies that pertains to the job. These tasks refer to the things that a person under this job title will be actually doing at work. In order to develop this comprehensive list of task, one can either refer to previous job descriptions of the job or conduct an direct observation or interview on people performing this job. One can also conduct interview with the supervisors or managers that have jurisdiction over this job, because these authorities directly assigns the tasks or work of an employee. After developing the risk, one can opt to refine the list by editing it, removing redundancies or making a summary of the certain related tasks.

The next step is to rate that tasks according to what is most important. This can be done by conducting a survey among pertinent respondents to determine which tasks are most frequent or most important. On the basis of the ratings survey, analyze which competencies are critical to the position so that one can efficiently and successfully achieve said tasks.

The final step is to summarize the results of the survey ratings and competencies and write it in a conventional job description format in which one outlines the qualifications/ competencies needed for the position and a description of the job that the position is expected to perform.

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