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How to be Confident as a Call Center Agent?

Confidence or the belief on oneself is very important in any endeavor including at work. In a call center company, an agent’s confidence is crucial because it constitutes part of the nature of customer service. Confidence is important in communication in order to impart messages with clarity and sincerity. This is especially true because agents usually communicate with foreign clients who could be intimidating and demanding. Boosting the confidence of call center agents is therefore an essential function of managers and supervisors.

Provide training. The most apparent way to boost confidence level of agents is through training. Training allows agents to reach a certain level of communication skill which makes them comfortable in communicating. Training can also be used to directly address deficiencies that can cause an agent’s low level of confidence. The best training that can help agents gain confidence in communicating with foreigners is a practice training in which agents actually talk to foreigners.

Peer coaching. One can supplement the training of agents in building the relevant skills need for effective customer service and communication through coaching. A buddying technique helps a agent to have a peer with whom one can receive advises and tips. Agents tend to be more responsive with peers because they can immediately relate to their experience.

Provide counseling. Self confidence is something that essentially emanates from oneself. Counseling agents can help create a positive self-image. When a person feels good about himself and what he is capable of doing, one can perform work more effectively and productively. Counseling should be geared towards focusing on one’s strengths and capability to succeed. Managers and trainers should create a positive image of agents both in the personal perspective of themselves and in the perspective of those outside themselves. Instead of being critical to oneself or comparing oneself with other people, one should focus more on oneself.

Create a positive environment. Another way to approach counseling is to focus on creating a positive environment for the agents. Instead of seeing hatred and desperation, agents should be able to see the positive side of things. Apart from providing positive feedback and counseling, this can also be achieved by providing fun at work. Managers and supervisors should think of creative ways to make work fun and something to look forward to by giving concrete incentives and awards to agents.

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