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Be a Confident Call Center Manager

In managing any business, confidence is important to any manager because managers act as leader whom his subordinates look up to for leadership in operating the organization. A fall in managerial confidence will affect the confidence of the whole organization which can lead to failure of service and collapse of the organization. Here are ways to improve a call center manager’s confidence in facing his or her daily challenges at work.

Listen and consult. Managers are expected to be competent. However, they are only humans and are not omniscient or all knowing. It is not wrong to ask and listen to constituents to know situation and gather information. It is also not wrong to consult them before making a decision.

Plan. Every action to be taken entails careful planning. Managers should always plan their course of action. This planning involves clearly identifying objectives, understanding situation, anticipating problems, creating options or alternatives and ensuring that decisions are in line with company objectives and goals.

Silence. In certain situations where there is no right or wrong answers, managers should maintain silence, which could mean many things. This silence itself is a conviction and a way to show confidence and control of the situation without necessarily making a final or absolute stance on a rather controversial or debatable issue.

Be steadfast. When managers decide, they should assert this decision to show their confidence. They should show conviction in everything they say including their opinion in order to impress a sense of confidence that people or employees can look up to. Without which, followers will have doubts and will not follow.

Admit mistakes. While managers should be assertive, they should also learn to admit mistakes. People commit mistakes. And if this happens, a manager should also be willing to apologize, make up and correct that mistake to take full control of the situation.

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