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The Connect Centre Singapore was established in November, 2004 in partnership with the Singapore Prison Service and Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises (SCORE) in line with the country’s Yellow Ribbon Project. Connect Centre Singapore is geared towards reintegration of social values of ex-offenders as well as equip them with useful vocational skills. The company aims to change the community’s perspective of rehabilitation by providing various opportunities for ex-offenders through quality vocational training. The company upholds its integrity with value-added customer service and thorough guidance of the agents. Connect Centre is specific to training the inmates in wide ranged call center related services. With ardent and prudent teaching strategies as well as inmate cooperation and dedication, call center skills and workmanship is easily achieved.

Services offered by Connect Centre Singapore:

  • Customer Service - Connect Centre Singapore provides excellent customer services to maintain professional and reliable partnership with clients and customers. Efficient customer service will help create a positive personal experience between the agent and the customer.
  • TeleSales - Agents are trained to completely understand the products of a product line to solicit prospective customer to purchase these products and services. These trainings also provide the agents enough knowledge to answer complex inquiries and take orders effectively. Agents are also provided with effective and accurate resources to equip them in advertising and direct marketing.
  • Technician Support - Technical support has been an increasing challenge in both the agents and the customers. As most companies offer technical support for the product they sell, technical support is a valuable skill in any call center. This, however, led to a greater challenge which includes the technological language and jargons as it makes the support complicated. Agents in Connect Center Singapore are trained to simplify client interaction by reducing context jargons and simplifying technical support dependent on customer knowledge and skill.
  • Administrative Support - Connect Centre Singapore not only assists customer in technical or customer service related inquiries it also strengthens client’s back-end support through innovative, flexible and effective solutions to manage the administrative part of a company. The company is focused on business processes allowing the client to focus on customer management initiatives.

Who are the agents?

The Connect Centre Singapore provides call center skills training for inmates who are currently detained and serving their sentence. Through various pool of talents, male and female inmates are given an opportunity to be deployed in the company. The trainings they obtained during the course of their sentence will also aid them in obtaining future employments.

Employee’s benefits

The company uplifts the moral and social values of inmates trained for call center employment. It also provides an opportunity for inmates to gain various skills necessary in obtaining future employment post sentence.

The Clients

Connect Centre Singapore provides support to various business clients ranging from customer service, technical to administrative and business related support.

Connect Center Singapore is located at 20 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139964.

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