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CONSISTEL is a company that provides leading global in-building wireless software solutions. It also offers system integrator for antenna systems with a track record, offering wide range experience in giving in-building wireless solutions across the globe. Consistel Philippines also creates and sets up the mobile networks that would allow people to still stay in touch even when they are inside a building – at work, at play and at home.

The company has three main areas in which they offer in-building solutions: products, services and integration. Each area matches each other, dragging on the company’s collective experiences to be able to give a world class service.

Products: The primary among the company’s products is Atrium. This product utilizes Consistel’s expertise and experience to be able to provide in-building services enterprise software suite that is both groundbreaking and revolutionary. This will allow endwise design, execution, management and certification of the project on the same software platform, and therefore changing much of the conventional pencil and paper work to a paperless or digital platform. Atrium will enable the clients to incorporate systems for mobile availability through well-organized planning and incorporation of wireless networks.

Services: Consistel brings technical and calculated expertise which has been acquired from many years of experience in the industry. The company’s business functions influences its clients revenues with the use of its consultancy and network solutions.

Integration: The company has already created and executed turnkey in-building disseminated antenna coverage solutions in more than 3000 buildings across the globe.

Through offering high value-added consultancy and state-of-the-art software applications, brand new opportunities are created by Consistel for mobile operators, vendors and partners to enhance performance, lessen costs and keep customers. The company’s consultants who are known to be on distinctive experience are always available to assist its clients to use the most current wireless telecommunications industry standards, organize strategies and utilize resources to reach high-end competitiveness and efficiency. The company aims to be the most outstanding class of wireless solutions provider in the area of voice and also of data through the use of its human capital, and acknowledging the latest technological advances in order to provide its clients with extraordinary choice and value.

Consistel is committed to be the best provider of wireless network solutions across the globe through pioneering and innovative technology. The company also aims to offer trustworthy and high quality service through customized and mountable wireless telecommunications network solutions.

Consistel Philippines office address:

  • Consistel Pasig
    2/F RFJ Building
    15 United Street
    Kapitolyo, Pasig City

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