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Consult Asia Business Solutions

Consult Asia was established in 2005 and strategically aligned to provide the staffing needs of Asialink Group of Companies, group of enterprising executives engaged in the booming business of Appliance Group Financing, giving short-term loans to business men, doctors and professionals, such as Doctor’s Loan, Appliance Loan, Educational Loan, Allottee Loan, Salary Loan, Beneficiary Loan, Motorcycle Loan, Truck Loan, Car Loan, Real Estate Loan and Medical Assistance Loan. Consult Asia Philippines has later expanded and redirected to serve and cater the manpower needs of many companies.

Consult Asia Business Solutions aims to effectively bridge capable and highly qualified individuals to diverse businesses that will help them take advantage of their skills, interests and resources for their common good. It is gearing itself to become one of the major contenders in the industry by equipping itself with competent professionals passionate about this business and become top local staffing and recruitment companies in terms of revenue and market reach. Consult Asia Philippines aims to be an effective and efficient staffing and recruitment company, geared towards providing employment to alleviate the unemployment and workforce problem and help individuals find the right job that suits their capabilities, skills, interests and career goals. It operates with the core values of excellence, Opportunities and Growth.

Consult Asia believes in providing businesses the finest recruitment service that can contribute to the success of organizations by connecting competent individuals to your company. It performs the entire recruitment process, from sourcing, screening and candidate assessment so that companies can concentrate more on the other areas of human resources or core business. It provides staffing services and maintains a large pooling of applicants from Executive Management, Managerial and Supervisory level – Top Management positions, Skilled – Electrician, Driver, Mechanic, Maintenance Personnel, Technical – Engineer, Computer Programmer and Entry Level – Rank-and-file or office staff positions. It provides office support services such as accounting staff, human resource, liaisons, etc. It also provides temporary project based placement of individuals for specific function and time.

Consult Asia Business Solutions is located at Unit 2605, 26th Floor Jollibee Plaza Condominium Building F. Ortigas Jr. Road (formerly Emerald Avenue), Ortigas Center, Pasig City , Philippines 1605.

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