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Convergence Call Center Solutions

Convergence Call Center Solutions is a leading IT solutions provider in Kalibo Aklan with emphasis on developing solutions on the high performance business. Formed in 1996, Convergence Philippines supreme experience, service expertise and technological capacities allow it to create customized solutions by integrating and matching the latest technological practices with identified business needs. Convergence Call center specializes on Voice over Internet phone (VoIP) communications and converged networks and how these technologies can positively and progressively impact businesses operations. Among the services of Convergence Call Center and Contact Solutions are: VoIP Communications, Software/Hardware Installations, Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange (IP PBX telephone switch), Linux Conversion, and Trainings. Convergence also offers customer contact solutions including Campaigns/Processes, Inbound and Outbound customer support services and Web development.

Convergence Philippines has approachable, expert staff who can assess, design, install, and maintain all phases and features of your business communications needs including sales and service telecommunications systems, installation and repairs, reseller or retailer and in partnerships with Service Providers, installation of wired and wireless networks, operation of video conferencing and even the installation and management of surveillance systems for security.

Convergence aims of creating a simplified yet higher quality of life for its clients, customer, employees and all stakeholders. The company understands the critical role of communications in business and assures its clients that it is one less thing that they need to think or worry about. Convergence implements its solutions by integrating its operations with those of the its clients. Convergence Philippines does no simply provide standardized products or solutions but anticipate b business needs, align them with business plans and projections for growth, identify challenges and create the customized tools to enhance business enterprise. Thus, solutions are focused on client needs while Convergence call center continuously find and research the latest and best productions, service and applications on the market that promptly addresses client needs . The company guarantees the welfare of its clients and it mobilizes the clout of team unity to consistently deliver incomparable service to its clients.

Convergence Call Center Solutions is located in:

  • Convergence Kalibo
    Martelino Bldg. G. Ramos St.
    Kalibo Aklan

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