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Convergys Portal

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The Convergys Portal is a web portal exclusive for Convergys‘ employees, which serves as a gateway for employees to have access to certain human resource services which employees needed to transact with their employer. This provides employees access to their individual profile and a range of HR services which they can apply for online such as health and welfare benefits, viewing absence history, information about employee manual, retirement plans, relevant company policies, and payroll services among others. Since this is online, employees can access the services and resources anytime and anywhere where and when they needed them.

The Convergys Portal functions as a human resource administration system that allows the HR department to facilitate HR administrative services to all Convergys employees automatically and remotely. This is inline with the company’s dedication to promote the welfare of its employees, which it considers as its most precious assets in their operations and delivery of quality services to clients. To log on the My Convergys portal, individual users are provided with a username and password to login to their respective accounts by the center administrators. Once logged on, the employee can then personalize their username and passwords.

Accessing the portal requires the use of Internet Explorer release 5.5 or higher with a Cipher Strength of 128 bit encryption or its equivalent in Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The workstation with which one is accessing should have an operating system which is Windows XP, Service Pack 2 or higher. Pop-up blocker utility should be disabled. A single session Convergys Portal only last for 60 minutes, after which the systems expires and the user is automatically logged out. To prevent data loss, employees must take note of the time they need in accessing the portal. The employee can opt to log out and log in again to restart the clock for a fresh 1 hour session. One can also click on a renew button session to continue with the session before the 60 minute time lapses.

There is also a number of attempts to log in successfully in the system. If one exceeded the maximum number of attempts, user can simply restart the browser and start again. Username and password are case sensitive hence, appropriate capital letters should be appropriately made. Lotus Notes user must be registered in the Employee Confidential (Blueface) dB. Finally, for any other problems, an employee should contact administrator or one’s manager.

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  1. 14/11/24

    I would like to comment on your company which is considered one of the country’s leading BPO. I suggest that you hire professional instructors who are expert in their field (teaching) instead of giving your former call center agents who just gained experiences as call center agent opportunity to teach or to mentor newly hired would be employees. The newly hired employees who are undergoing trainings are not students of public schools, they should be treated as professional considering they are preparing for a job. Some of these people are degree holders thus they deserve to be treated well. May I suggest also that these mentors/team leaders be given seminars on right conduct.

  2. Carmi Grace Paciente Reply

    Hi! Good day! I just want to ask if there’s any hiring for company nurses? Than you.


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