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Convoy Marketing Corporation

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Convoy Marketing Corporation is the country’s leading national distribution company for consumer liquor products. Established in 1994 under the corporate umbrella of Destileria Limtuaco and Co., Inc. it was launched for the exclusive distribution of products of Destileria Limtuaco and Co., Incorporated and Archipelago Water Products International, Incorporated. The company is managed by seasoned and high-caliber sales and marketing executives and has over 200 delivery and service vehicles and eleven warehouses strategically located across the country in order to maximize the selling and distribution logistics through a centralized sales and marketing distribution strategy. Convoy Marketing Philippines has built a strong clientele for its principals and a wide array of distribution channels from off-trade and on-trade accounts. Today, the company serves almost 50% distribution rate nationwide of its principles to make products available and accessible from anywhere in the Philippines.

Among the products distributed by Convoy Marketing included white Castle whiskey, The Philippines most revered whisky and one of the anchor products of Destileria Limtuaco, Napoleon VSOP Brand, maria clara Sangrina, Paradise Mango Rum, 69 Whisky, Napoleon 15 Yrs, Old Captain Rum, Toska Vodka, El Hombre Tequila Flavored Spirit Silver and Gold; R-18 Vodka Knockers, Coolers cocktail drinks, Orchid Lime Juice, Grenadine, Triple Sec, Blue Curacao, Crème de Menthe, Creème de Banana, Crème de Cacao cordial drinks, Vino Kung Fu and Vino de Chino medicinal herbal wines, Paradise Mango Rum Liqueur and others.

The headquarters of Convoy Marketing Corporation is located at 79 Kaingin Road, Balintawak, Quezon City Philippines 1106 with Tel. No. (632) 361-43-42/ (632) 361-84-23 and (632) 361-84-25. Its warehouse in Pampanga is located at 1265 Diamond Street, Ramar Village, Barangay San Agustin, San Fernando, Pampanga, 2000 with Phone:(045) 636 346.

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