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Cordia Philippines

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Cordia-Philippines is business process outsourcing company that provides customer support services to clients of Cordia Corporation, a US company that provides local and long distance telecommunications services in over 60 countries using voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), conventional cable lines and other internet phone services. Cordia Philippines operates in different operating subsidiaries in different companies such as Cordia Communications, CordiaIP., My Tel Co,, Northstar Telecom and Cordia Prepaid. The company has also developed its own proprietary web-based billing software which it primarily used for billing its customers.

Cordia Corporation is a subsidiary of Geils Communications, a telecommunications services company based in Hellertown, Pennsylvania USA, which is a voice communications provider through traditional landlines, mobile phones and IP connections. Among the services provide by Geils Communications included bundled local and international Toll-Free Calling Services, (VoIP) on wired broadband and mobile phones, integrated communications as well as wholesale and prepaid services through Sippop company. Cordia Philippines has its own IP services network and multi-state interconnection through Regional Bell Operating and other local exchange carriers in the specific markets where it operates.

Cordia Philippines is primarily engaged in provide customer support services to Cordia or Geilis clients including telemarketing and sales, customer support, handling of complaints and other customer relationship management services. Lately, the Cordia Philippines caught media attention for allegedly illegally terminating 200 call center employees in Cebu last February 2013. Whether the termination is prompted by streamlining, bankruptcy or a strategic move by the management remains unknown.

Cordia Philippines call center offices are located in:

  • Cordia Cebu
    5th Floor, i2 Building
    Asia Town IT Park
    Cebu City, Philippines
    Main:(+63) 32-238-3009
  • Cordia Makati
    Filipino Merchants Building
    135 Dela Rosa Corner Legaspi St.
    Legaspi Village, Makati City


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