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Core Alliance Interactive Solutions

Core Alliance Interactive Solutions is the number one provider of customer-focused Total Full Service Contact Center. Core Alliance Philippines offers the best quality and state of the art services to their clients. High quality yet very affordable services they offer to their different clients around the globe.

Among the services they offer to their clients includes the Inbound and Outbound solutions. For the inbound services they have, the Customer Services/Services fulfillment, Inquiries/request/Complaints, the Helpdesk and the technical Support for different questions regarding the services they offer to a certain products or services, Order Taking, Message handling, the reservations and the Authorizations, Loyalty and rewards Programs, Upselling and the Cross Selling services. And for the Outbound Services they have the Telemarketing, Telesales, the Lead Generation, the Appointment Setting, Bills Delivery and collections Programs to name a few. The services of Core Alliance Philippines are designed to supplement the clients’ needs by adding importance to their business operations. The Core Alliance Interactive Solutions operates 24/7 to their customers. The operations operates everyday including weekends, this means that their services can be trusted as well as their products and services can be entrusted.

Other services Core Alliance Interactive Solutions also includes Web-Enabled Customer Relationships Management Services and Technical Helpdesk this services includes all different services regarding internet matters, the Accounts Management all information regarding all financial matters can be fully service by the company. The complete Backroom Operations and service fulfillment, manpower services this services are very useful for those who wanted to find a job in local and international market. Integrated Multi-platform message Delivery either via Plain Old Telephony System as well as the set up of information center for private and government institutions, again for local and international.

The location of the Core Alliance Philippines is very much accessible to any type of transportation for the commuters to go. Even if it is a private or public vehicle the place is easy to find. Anyone can visit and apply to this office and willing to join their team.

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