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CoreConnect Philippines

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CoreConnect Philippines basically functions as the marketing arm of Motion Telecom to its various products and services including voice services which pertains to line rental and equipment required for local, mobile and international calls, net services or high speed internet connection services such as Dial Up and ADSL Broadband and web related packages including email, web host and space, etc, and mobile service for mobile communications.

Core Connect Philippines is powered by dedicated, well-versed, skilled and proficient customer service agents who undergo training orientation about Motion Telecom so that they can serve as front line representatives of the company. Incidentally, customer representatives of CoreConnect Philippines also undergo accent and cultural training to effectively communicate with an Australian market. For Filipino call center employees, one of the major advantages of Core Connect is that they primarily serve an Australian market hence the bulk of their operations are align with the regular day time working hours in the Philippines. However, Core Connect Philippines also has night shift schedules to provide 24-7 services to the clients of Motion Telecom.

CoreConnect Philippines call center is located in:

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