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Coworker Promoted over Me

Posted on September 7, 2017 | 2 Comments on Coworker Promoted over Me

Question: My boss recommended me for job promotion by my immediate boss and the comptroller. I was expecting for a promotion but didn’t happen. I found out that my coworker was promoted instead of me. Based on performance, i’m better than my coworker and numbers don’t lie. Is there any legal or hr advice regarding this situation?

From HR Manager: With regards to promotion, there’s really no law that states that anyone will be promoted by company based on performance. Performance is not based on numbers alone. Although performance is a key factor in consideration for promotion, there are other factors like management/leadership potential in order to get promoted. Promotion is always a management prerogative. As much as possible, do not rely on a “promise” to avoid frustration.

As an employee, you can’t force management to promote you, but you can appeal for consideration and seek advice on how to improve and meet your career expectations. You can check with HR regarding career path and be sure to cover all requirements on the next promotion.

Do not lose hope. Just always do your best and prepare yourself to show that you are indeed a high potential employee.

From an Operations Manager perspective: Promotion is given to someone that can manage a team and with leadership material. A leadership role requires influencing members to work and do better as a team.
For example:

Agent 1: Excellent rating on all metrics but seems to be a good follower than a leader.

Agent 2: Satisfactory ratings on all metrics but with leadership quality and takes the lead to try something new..

Who do you think would I choose?


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  1. Penick Jean Reply

    Obviously, his/her boss believed that he/she could perform at the promotional level “My boss recommended me for job promotion by my immediate boss and the comptroller.” There are many factors involved in a promotional scenario; however, making a choice based on the Agent 1 and Agent 2 scenario is of a small mind and low character. He/She should be allow to function at the promotional level under supervision and managerial advice from his/her superior hierarchic. If the experience is not working out, the next employee in lieu should then get the opportunity.

    Most of us are conditioned to choose Agent 2. This choice and other practices are the result of employee frustration causing soft and hard company sabotage.

  2. Penick Jean Reply

    … the next employee in LINE should then get

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