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Creative Crest is the company that manages the world’s first Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) center for PR-related services or PRKPO. The company is also considered to be one of the top communications consulting companies across the globe, which provides and innovation that incorporates technology and first-rate solutions in marketing communication. Creative Crest is located in the Philippines and is registered with PEZA or Philippine Economic Zone Authority.

Creative Crest Philippines has created a tactical approach with the use of digital space and worldwide communication channels to the advantage of its clients. The company is already established to utilize innovative technology to improve the reach and presence of its business partners.

Off-shore information-intensive services are being organized by PRKPO with the use of a specialized workforce. This aids the company in being capable of providing International PR at an amazingly but acceptable low cost. Furthermore, the company brings down the cost of PR while still keeping the distinctive quality of the services it offers, through its team of PR professionals whose expertise were all acquired through years and years of experience.

Through this, companies across the globe are given the opportunity to consolidate their PR initiatives, empower and give more emphasis to their respective brands. The brand new face of PR will make their brands more visible and renowned, and therefore able to manage for global brands.

With the company’s broad-ranged global visibility, partners and set of connections, PR solutions can be disseminated to any point in the world.

Creative Crest is capable of offering solutions to every challenge that its client has in the business, as the company is fully committed to provide answers to all of its clients’ needs. The company’s team of highly competitive experts is capable of addressing their clients as quickly as possible. These experts will provide guidance and assistance to the clients for any concern in the business that needs attending to. After that, they will suggest the most applicable actions and then they will execute the plan as soon as the clients give them the green light.

The company offers services in four areas: corporate and marketing communication or PR, social media marketing or ePR, CSR and some specialized services.

Corporate and marketing communication includes, but not limited to:

– Strategic Planning
– Campaign Management
– Release Production
– Strategic Distribution

ePR includes:
– Viral Campaign
– Online Newsroom
– Social Media Marketing

CSR includes:
– Impact Studies
– Stakeholder engagement
– Sustainability management

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