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Credit Corp

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Credit Corp is a company based in Australia, with an office in the Philippines, which buys and collects consumer debts which include but not limited to unpaid credit card bills, phone bills and personal loans. It is basically a receivables management company. If a consumer received a letter coming from Credit Corp, then that means that the consumer’s debt account with a bank, financial company or telephone provider has been assigned to Credit Corp.

Debt Help
Credit Corps fully understands it if the consumer might be having challenges and difficulties regarding finances that might also be too hard to be dealt with the consumer alone. The company offers to aid the consumers in managing their debts through finding a suitable solution for repayment. For this kind of service, the consumer may contact a toll free number provided in the company’s website under Customer Relationship Manager. Since the company is based in Australia, it also advises the consumers to consult with the Money Smart website of the Australian Securities and Investment Commissions. This is a website solely dedicated to money matters, where the consumers can locate information regarding organizations that will be able to provide them assistance in managing their debts.

Dealing with Multiple Debts
Credit Corp also has a subsidiary called Credit Plan B. This was organized in order to provide assistance to the consumer in overcoming problems with debts. The company recognizes that most of the consumers did not really choose to be of debts, while some might only be trapped by the circumstances that temporarily prevented them from keeping their payments and repayments up to date. Credit Plan B will provide another possibility of repayment that is for free and does not require any upfront payment.

Credit Corp is committed to provide a service of highly quality standard and produce an outstanding experience to all of their customers. Although the company believes in their capability of offering the best quality service, it also acknowledges that there are times when things could go wrong. If by any chance its customer felt like there is a mistake from the company’s end, or it could have done something better, then it gives the customer the chance to speak out while and the company will, in their best efforts, to reach a suitable resolution.

The company also encourages its customers to provide positive feedback in the event that they have experienced great customer satisfaction. Its website has an online form which the customers can fill out, if they want to provide general feedback about the service.

Credit Corp Philippines office address:

  • Credit Corp Makati
    4/F MSE Building
    Ayala Ave., Makati City

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