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CSR Travel Account

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CSR Travel Account pertains to a customer service account that is associated with the travel and the hospitality industry which included booking travels for tours, making reservations for the accommodation requirements of the tourists and other travel related needs. There are numerous functions of a CSR working for a travel account. One of which is website navigation.

This service pertains to the system through which a customer can find his way to the different areas and information he needed in a website. This is a common function because practically all primary travel related services like airlines for transportation and hotels for accommodations are already online. CSR agents must familiarize themselves with the websites of the clients they serve so that they correctly guide customers on how they can navigate through the site using text links, navigation bars, tabs and sitemaps among others.

This is especially important for old retirees wanting to travel who are not so keen in using new technology. Another common service of CSR agent for travel account is placing reservations online. Booking a flight for instance involves clearly communicating with clients about the price and schedule of the flight. The same is true in for reserving online hotel accommodations. CSR agents serve as a mediator between the hotel and customer and ensure that the requirements of the customer matches what is provided by the hotel apparently within its restrictions. In some instances, another agent or third party conducts the reservation in behalf of the client.

In which case, there should be greater coordination because more parties are now involved. Incidentally, if CSR agents can help with reservations, they also assist in administering amendments or cancellations in reservations. Finally, after all reservations had been properly made, payment processing should also be made. In which case, agents should be familiar with the credit card authorizations and charges because online transactions are essentially facilitated through credit cards. Authorization happens when the merchant holds the amount in the credit until the transaction is complete. A charge occurs when credit money is immediately debited or removed from the account and received by the merchant as payment.

While most call center companies that have a travel account hire agents with basically the same general qualifications, some call center companies prefer applicants with tourism background to handle travel accounts. However, all successful applicants will definitely undergo intensive training to specialize in handling travel accounts.

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