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Curo Teknika

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Business Life Simplified. Curo Teknika is a newly incorporated organization specializing on taking care of daily business challenges through Managed I.T Support Operations Services. Its name is derived from the Latin words “Curo” and Teknika which literally translates to, “to care for techniques”. The concept of Curo Teknika Philippines essentially means techniques to drive business organizations to operate most efficiently in the simplest, easiest yet most successful way.

Using this philosophy of business life simplified, Curo Teknika complements Business by helping organizations focus on delivering consistent and efficient customer experiences while it simplifies the operational process using modern technology that will ensure that people, process, and expertise are aligned with the needs of business. This means that Curo Teknika Philippines will collaborate with organizations to further the progress of faster and simpler operations enabling business to thrive in a global, customer-driven economy in real time.

Curo Teknika helps organizations through its colors. The color orange brings optimism and sociable glow to indicate a sense of affordability. As an organization in the diverse industry of managed I.T. services, color orange stands for collaboration. The color Silver on the other hand reflects connection, balance, and a strong sense of justice. It radiates the values of respect, courtesy, discipline, responsibility, patience, dignity, and determination. As the absorption of all colors, black stands for power or authority. In business, it signifies confidence, strength, and success that may very well be constructive in the modern globalized economy through diversity, flexibility, and strength to adapt to dynamic changes in the business landscape. Finally, white stands for perfection. It reflects openness, growth, poise, and confidence in business. Curo Teknika creates a sense of order and efficiency to balance the aspects of business and life.

Curo Teknika call center office location:

  • Curo Teknika Makati
    3/F LV Locsin Bldg.
    Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue
    Makati City Philippines

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