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Curran Daly and Associates

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Curran Daly and Associates is a known and leading executive search firm. The company delivers recruitment solutions across the comprehensive range of BPO Operations, Shared Services and back Office Operations. Curran Daly and Associates‘ primary office is headquartered in Makati, and it also has accounts in Cebu and soon in Dumaguete City.

The professionals that compose the team believe that the firm’s specialization will offer better consistency and precision when it comes to candidate recommendations, and also in developing the quality and promptness of service offered to the clients and also to the job-seekers.

As Curran Daly and Associates aims to provide service of exceptional quality, it made customer focus as one of its fundamental values. The company believe that it is essential to have an agreement that in can allocate with its clients, as well as the candidates and use it to examine its performance in providing services.

The company is dedicated in assisting institutions search for the exact individual they are looking for, the individual that fits for the role in the most possible effective timeframe. With every task, it is the company’s purpose to go along these guidelines and also, reassure its clients to have the same expectations when it comes to their participation in the process of employment.

Candidate Video Profile
Candidate Video Profile is another service that Curran Daly and Associates provides its clients that can be added in the employment process. This service allows the clients to save time in evaluating candidates that fit in their criteria.
Basically, with Candidate Video Profile, the clients no longer have to:
– read curriculum vitaes.
– schedule interviews.
– conduct interviews.

Candidate Video Profile lets the clients to monitor the candidate’s communication skills and see them answer chosen questions. Furthermore, it also allows the clients to have a much faster selection process, especially if the client needs an immediate hire.

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