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Customer Benefit Services

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Customer Benefit Services Cebu is business process outsourcing company that specializes in niche marketing. The company was incorporated in the Philippines in 2010 but had its roots from the auspices of Ron Johnson way back in 1972 that by experience have come to learn that sales is a numbers game. Johnson originally started as a single salesman selling magazines subscriptions which later expanded to what has become Customer Benefit Services.

Customer Benefit Services was so named because while the company is primarily a telemarketing firm, its services are ultimately geared to the benefit of customers hence niche marketing is essential in order to target the market that needs the right services. Amidst the changes in which sales and marketing is conducted, the company retains the core values that originally structured how sales is conducted by the founder Ron Johnson, namely, hard work, positive thinking, never quitting, and always striving for one more sale. While the company is customer centric, it maintains a threefold commitment to provide stable rewarding careers to loyal employees, a square deal for clients and a fair market return to investors.

Aside from telemarketing, Customer Benefit Services Philippines is also engaged in pertinent services including collection and receivables management, software development particularly for conducting marketing online, internet marketing which included social media marketing, search engine optimization and content development for a comprehensive online marketing campaign.

The most important quality of all personnel of Customer Benefit Services Cebu is the dedication and strong determination to succeed. This is primarily what drives people to excel. And the same value is continuously maintained by each member of its teams. This is further supplemented with good compensation package to continuously motivate all agents.

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