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Customer Contact Channels Philippines

Customer Contact Channels or C3 is leading outsourcing company that specializes in customer management solutions. With over 30 years of experience in the trade, the company prides itself of its time-tested methodologies and wide industry insights to flawlessly to administer and enhance customer relationship and interactions management.

The strength of C3 lies on its utmost dedication in each and every customer of its clients as it strives to make each interaction positive and rewarding. To do this, the company has created and maintained a positive culture and work environment in its office through training and program. Before a company can effectively serve customers, the company should be able to effectively serve its own people who directly provide the customer service of the company. For one to bring happiness and joy to others, one should first be happy and joyful on its own. C3 perfectly understands this philosophy and thus has created specialized committee dedicated to nurturing a spirited, happy and positive culture in the organization.

The focus of the company is to build brand value which every customer it responds to will perceive. That is the promise of the C3 in daring its potential clients to “Experience the C3 Difference”, the catchphrase that distinguishes the company in the industry. This is manifested in two folds, the intimate involvement of management for each client for establishing long term relationships and the close embrace of the company to its client’s business in understanding and taking care of it as if it’s their own. This helps unify the goals of the company and its clients for an implacable pursuit of excellence.

The success of the company has been built on three core values namely full accountability, open and honest communication and support of people and communities. The first pertains to the focus on clients and willingness of the company to be answerable to failure of establishing relationship with clients. The second refers to transparency and the seamless flow of correct information which is the only basis for the company’s decision making. Finally, the last core value encompasses the company’s focus on people, as the recipients of service.

Customer Contact Channels has around 14 offices around the world including in Ohio, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Florida and Texas in the US. It has 3 branches in South America namely in Costa Rica, Columbia and Puerto Rico, and 2 branches in Europe in Scotland and Bulgaria. In Asia, it has a branch in India, China and the Philippines. The Recruitment Office of CX3 in the Philippines is located at 11th Floor Bonifacio One Technology Tower, 3030 Rizal Drive corner 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

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