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Customer Satisfaction Spiels

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Spiels are scripts of customer service representatives that are used to manage, deliver and express quality service to customers. In the call center industry where services are principally delivered through verbal communications, spiels are a source of customer satisfaction, which in turn reveals if customer needs are fulfilled or successfully addressed. While spiels are customarily useful, they can also backfire against a customer service agent especially if an irritated customer find the spiel an obvious script and deems the service impersonal, mechanistic and insincere. Thus, agents should very well learned how to prepare and deliver customer satisfaction spiels.

One of the first things that an agent must realize is to know difference between a customer service spiel and an operating procedure. A spiel essentially is delivered as a conversation between the agent and a customer while an operating procedure is a list of guidelines or instructions that a customer service representative ought to perform. A spiel is a script of exactly what to say while an SOP does not tell you exactly what to say. Thus, a big difference lies on delivery. Spiels are exact lines to be delivered while SOPs are guidelines of what to say. An agent is hence, expected to create spiels out of the guidelines to be spontaneously conversational. If an agent uses the SOPs or reads the SOPs as they are, he/ she will sound robotic, programmed and insincere.

Aside from the spontaneous and sincere delivery of a spiel in order to be effective, another important element of a customer service spiel is its optimism. In order for a spiel to sound optimistic, it should contain words that reinforces positive attitude especially in terms of addressing the concerns of the client. For instance, instead of simply saying it will help you, the spiel increases its enthusiasm by saying it will definitely or surely help you.
Finally, a customer satisfaction spiel starts and ends with a greeting. The agent starts and ends the dialogue with the customer with a positive note.

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