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Customer Service 101

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Customer service pertains to the front line service that directly deals with customers. Customer service is therefore inherent in different types of professionals including sales personnel, cashiers, waiters, teachers, policemen, nurses and others. Managers and supervisors and other officers also engage in customer service because they also in way or another must deal directly with customers and clients. Being in the front line of business, the success of any business is closely tied up with customer service because it is the service through which people are able to immediately perceive and give a personal assessment as to the quality of service provided by a company.

The call center industry is an industry that is also directly engaged in customer service. Depending on the service outsource, call center companies are either directly involved in sales or after sales service, which both involve customer service. In both instances, customer service is directed towards establishing relationships with customers, which is the principal objective of any business. Establishing a relationship is what bridges selling and buying.

Because the call center industry is basically a customer service industry, competitive differentiation also lies on the quality of customer service provided by different companies. Quality is driven by many factors such as communication skills of the service agent, consistency, expertise in addressing problems, systems and process efficiency of the company, reliability of the IT infrastructure of the company, dedication of the staff, proficiency of agents, among many others. In short, practically all efforts of a call center company to improve their business boil down to the improvement of customer service.

The key to improving customer service is to understand customer needs, wants and requirements. The key to have a more competitive customer service is to provide service beyond what the customer needs, wants or requires. Another way to achieve a more efficient customer service is to know what the customer needs, wants or requires better than the customer himself. The latter involves a company taking a leading role in the effort of revolutionizing customer service. The end objective of customer service is customer satisfaction. And customer satisfaction is the economic value that drives an optimal purchase.

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