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Customer Service Standards

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Customer service refers to that totality or a series of services provided to a customer before, during and after a purchase aimed to enhance customer satisfaction. Customer service standards refer to the benchmark or model by customer service should be facilitated.

Every company has the right to establish its own standards for customer service. These standards may include the provision of service initiatives that is relevant to employees, making a service that is as natural or instinctive as possible, providing service that is perfect in every detail, giving positive reinforcement and providing incentive bonuses, among others.

Apparently, customer service standards that are set by individual companies would be relative. Because of this, there evolved a need for the institutionalization of an organization, which will be recognized by the world to set the single standards or criterion that will be commonly adopted by companies. This is the ISO or the International Organization for Standardization, a non governmental organization that is recognized by 161 countries to develop and establish the International Standards for management.

In the case of customer service standards, ISO have published different ISO standards that relate to customer service. For instance, ISO 9004:2000 relates to standards for attaining performance improvement, ISO 10002:2004 pertains to standards on handling customer complaints while ISO 10003:2007 are standards for dispute resolution. However, ISO 10001:2007 is typically known as the standard for conducting on customer service.

This provides guidance to support a company in verifying that its customer satisfaction policies or regulations successfully meet the needs and expectation of its customers. Part of its provisions is the establishment of a customer satisfaction code of conduct, which is comprised of the promises and comprehensive stipulations about the product such as delivery, returns, confidentiality of customer personal information, safety, and product performance.

Among the other critical areas that the standards covered included the improvement of fair trade practices and client trust in the company, development of customer knowledge and perception of company products as well as relations with customers and other stakeholders. The ISO awards certifications to organizations upon achieving such standards, which help in improving the reputation of the organization.

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