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Customer-Centric Call Center Software

The software use by a call center company contributes greatly in enhancing customer centric services of a company. Hence is it important for companies to choose the correct call center software. Here are the major features that a manager should look for in evaluating a call center software.

First is the Interactive voice response or IVR system is needed to allow agents to efficiently route callers to the specific agent who can effectively address their needs or issues. This improves first call resolutions. Self-service options in the IVR can also help a caller to route his call to the specific agent who can address his or her specific needs. However a VIP routing is also important to cater to high value customers. In this case, customers tag as VIP in their profile are immediately answered or assigned to best agent. Corollary to this is providing dedicated phone numbers for VIP customers to ensure that their needs are immediately addressed by the company’s best agents.

A call conferencing tool is also ideal so that two agents with different set of skills and specialization can listen to a call simultaneously from a caller who have require two different issues to be attended. A Callback from queue is also ideal to prevent customers from waiting for nothing. With this feature, a customer can request that an agent calls them back instead of them waiting which is rather frustrating experience. A supplementary feature to this is a Voicemail to queue in which a customer can leave a voicemail for an agent or department instead.

Finally, the company should also provide Multi-channel support, to provide options for customers on how to get address their needs. This can be achieved through Mobile-friendly website, which they can access anytime and anywhere, Email and Live chat options for contacting customer support as well as HipChat support rooms, and Text messaging. These call center software features will help enhance the service experience of companies so that they truly feel valued.

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