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Cybernet SlashSupport Philippines

Cybernet SlashSupport Philippines main goal is to expand their operations by the year 2012; they wanted to come up to a 1000 seats center around the philippines.in 2009, the CSS established as leading technology operations management organizations in the Philippines, the company is based in san Jose California, and has global operations centers in Chennai in India, Utah in the united states, and Poland in Europe. Cybernet SlashSupport was formally set up in March 2009 and it was then it was fully operational as a center that gives multi lingual customer services, retention services, and outbound calls selling services, technology and other business process outsourcing services.

At present, Cybernet SlashSupport Philippines have already 300 seat center that caters to different customers. The CEO of the CSS Philippines is Nick Sharma said that their main goal is to execute practices that will assist to improve their clients revenue streams which means giving their very best to achieve their customers best returns in their business they venture. They have selected the Philippines as their allies in achieving their goals with the help of their employees. Cybernet SlashSupport Philippines have faith to the Filipinos specially the government with its friendly policies, forceful infrastructure and the high quality talent of the agents. This means that they can be of help to reach their dreams in putting up a business in the Philippines.

The services the CSS Philippines provides includes the global technology solutions provider, it merely focuses on the operations management services targeted at enhancing its clients it operations. They help in operating the services thru solutions in the part of the enterprise and the consumer technology support, application lifecycle management and the remote infrastructure management services. Cybernet SlashSupport Philippines has proven it’s proficiency in creating, supporting, and managing clients its complete technology stack; this includes the servers of the computers, the networks of the company, the systems of the programs and also the technologies that provides on them. As a whole the CSS has already proven its expertise and reached its goal in providing a good quality service to its clients.

Cybernet SlashSupport Philippines call center is located in:

  • Cybernet Kinley
    CSS Career Center
    Ground Floor, 8/10 Building
    Upper McKinley Hills, Fort Bonifacio
    Taguig City Philippines
    Tel: 632 798 0222 and 632 798 0223

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