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Cybersoft Data Networks

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Cybersoft is an offshore business and knowledge process outsourcing firm based that operates in the US, China and the Philippines that provide dependable, secured, premium quality solutions to companies from diverse industries to maximize quality and efficiency. Cybersoft Data Networks was established way back in 1986 as Cybersoft Information Technologies, Inc. that is primarily involved in computer training and systems development advisory services which expanded to include simple data entry, data entry outsourcing operations and backend support projects. At the moment, Cybersoft has four network affiliates namely Cybersoft Content Services, Inc. (CCSI), Cybersoft Integrated Geo Informatics (CIGI), Cybersoft (Beijing) Information Technology, Inc. (CITI) and Total Transcription Solutions, Inc. (TTSI).

Cybersoft in the Philippines was established in 1991 with the goal of becoming an information provider and become a premier data conversion company in the world. Cybersoft Data Networks was mainly engaged in data conversation services including keying yellow pages, public records such as Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings, market research surveys, coding of litigation documents are usually shipped to Manila.

Among other services provided by Cybersoft Data Networks included Medical Transcription to hospitals and clinics in the US. It also offers Litigation and Case Management Support services for professional law for cases involving class actions, anti-trust, criminal, environmental, discrimination, product liability, banking, construction, securities and insurance coverage among others. Other important services provided by Cybersoft Data Networks included Title Services, Risk and Credit Management, Personal and Property Insurance, Publishing & Marketing , Financial Services and Public Documents Processing Services. The products and Services of Cybersoft are effective and cost-friendly to provide its client companies satisfaction and without worry by allowing total quality control over complicated projects.

Cybersoft Data Networks call center office locations:

  • Cybersoft Quezon City
    G/F Pacific Corporate Center
    131 West Avenue
    Quezon City, Philippines

  • Cybersoft USA
    165 Glenview Drive
    San Francisco, California

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