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Cybertegic is a company that is recognized as the industry leading internet marketing agency focusing as both a full service in internet marketing optimization and online business consulting firm. The company concentrates in progressive internet marketing strategies and website development. Founded in 1996, Cybertegic has become the institution to a team of Google certified analysts, programmers and highly experienced project managers.


Internet Marketing
Cybertegic is a highly proficient when it comes to Internet marketing, and it has the capability to assist its clients in creating their online territory by means of search engine optimization and social media marketing, on top of other marketing tools.

  • Search Engine Optimization – Having a professional website is easy, but getting people to view it takes a lot of time. Cybertegic can definitely help its clients get their site to rank in the first page of major search engine sites.
  • Pay Per Click Management – Cybertegic can also make its clients’ investment work for them with the use of the Pay Per Click tool.
  • E-mail Marketing – the company can also assure its clients that their email marketing campaigns will not end up to the spam folder of the recipients, making it an effective tool for advertising.
  • Comparison shopping – Cybertegic can also make its clients’ products and brands enter the major comparison sites like Amazon.com and eBay.com and use it to their advantage.
  • Social Media Marketing – Cybertegic also allows enterprises to link their clientele through involvement in common interest and experiences with Facebook, Twitter and other socila media sites.

Web Development
The company’s team of highly talented and skillful programmers, graphic designers and project managers has more than a decade in the industry and has experienced meticulous training to guarantee that they are aware of the latest and the most current programming strategies and graphic insights out on the market these days. This team works to be active and involved with every step of the project. The company does not just create websites, but websites with attention to convert sales and leads. With Cybertegic, clients’ websites can be guaranteed of:

  • Boosted exposure and visibility
  • Increased revenue
  • Improved customer service

Apart from the exciting packages when it comes to compensation and benefits, the team structure at Cybertegic offers its employees the real sense of belonging. The company believes that an employee’s role is essential to the team, and employees actively take part in carrying the company to the forefront of online marketing.

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