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Cynet Virtual Advantage

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Cynet Virtual Advantage is the company based in the Philippines which is known as the reliable business partner of a topnotch financial consulting firm that is based in Sydney Australia. Cynet Virtual Advantage is currently collaborating with its affiliates located in Cebu, Bacolod, Pampanga and also, Bulacan.

Products and Services
Cynet Virtual Advantage offers the following services:
– Market research
– Financial consultancy
– Mortgage optimizers

Why Join the Team at Cynet Virtual Advantage
There are lots of reasons why you would want to join the pool of talented professionals that consists this company. Here are some of them.

Nontraditional Bonus. The company offers bonuses to its employees, but it is not like what everyone who has experience in the BPO industry is accustomed to. Cynet Virtual Advantage offers a bigger bonus as compared to the offers of other known BPO companies.

Competitive Salary Package and Incentives. Aside from the big bonuses, the company also provides bigger salary package, higher than the rates you usually hear from other centers. Cynet Virtual Advantage also provides medical allowances and other miscellaneous allowances.

Comfortable Working Environment. If you are tired of the usual office set up, then you will be delighted to work Cynet Virtual Advantage. The company not only provides a comfortable working environment, it also gives the air of being treated like a family member rather than an employee.

Your Hard Work is Rewarded. Your hard work will; never go unnoticed in this company. At Cynet Virtual Advantage, the success of every employee is considered as the success of the company, thus, reward is given. Not only through allowances and bonuses, but also trough recognition as the company’s Star of the Month.

Regular Hours. Most of the BPO and call center companies you know of offer shifting schedules and graveyard shifts. With Cynet Virtual Advantage you will be having a regular nine to five job since the only available schedule is the regular office hours, Mondays through Fridays.

Cynet Virtual Advantage call center office address:

  • Cynet Bulacan
    4/F Cabanas Pavillion
    Malolos City, Bulacan

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