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Dapper Day in the Philippines?

Step out in style. Dapper day is a twice a year event at Disney Parks wherein guests or visitors are encouraged to look their best, in whatever vintage tradition. This event was conceptualized by Justin Jorgensen for love of fashion, Disney, and Parks that come together in perfect harmony. Attendees are encouraged to wear different retro designs that matches the specific Disney park. For instance, one can wear the mod 1960’s cocktail dress while roaming Tomorrowland, or waltzing down Main Street USA in a 1950s prom-style outfit. The only rule for attendees is to be chic, stylish, well-coiffed, or basically to be dapper.

Dapper Day is a day for people who enjoy fashion and dressing to be able to visit Disneyland and not feel out of place. The first Dapper day was organized in Feb 2011 with around 500 attendees. Since then, the event had become a tradition in Disney as more and more attendees and visitors join the event every twice a year. By of Spring 2013, a huge crowd approximately over 10,000 has attended the Dapper Day. In fact, the event has been described as the best day to visit the Disney Parks. Through this, guest practically relive iconic movies depicted in Disney and like a nostalgia becomes part of the make-believe versions of the show.

Meanwhile, one can still enjoy one’s favorite rides and attractions in Disney Park while looking at your best. From vintage to contemporary chic, what is important is one should look all sophisticated, pruce and trim in appearance. So far, Dapper Day had been organized in the Disney Resorts in LA, Orlando, and Paris. No Dapper Day event yet in Asia, Hong Kong, more so in the Philippines where there is no Disney park on the first place.

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