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Data Analyst Exam and Interview Tips

A data analysis is a professional engaged in the inspection, cleaning, transformation, scrutiny, modelling and examination of data to deduce and highlight useful information for business decision making. Data analysts are usually officers who have attained extensive experience in the industry or field and have become knowledgeable of its ins and outs.

The exam for a data analyst would usually consist of numeracy and literacy test because one will be engaged in certain statistical computation and data interpretation. The test should also included economics, both micro and macro especially with especially attention on how current events would affect the company, the market and trends. A data analyst exam would usually involve presentation skills because the analyst usually creates reports for presentation to management.

In data analyst interviews, one should be prepared for the typical questions that relate to a position such as what makes you suitable for the data analyst position. Thus, one should be ready to identify one’s key qualifications and core competencies which one can directly relate for the use of data analysis. For instance, on’s mathematical aptitude is important for the quantitative analysis of data. Think also of an example incident in which one capacity to analyze was used. The data analyst job may sometimes be highly technical making use of terms or jargons, theories and concept that are exclusively used in the industry. Thus, one should not only be knowledgeable of the terms and concept but have the comprehensive understanding of the whole operations of the company to effectively come up with a comprehensive analysis.

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