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Data Centric Philippines

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NBA, NHL, NFL, The World Cup and MLB just to name a few are the most watched games on TV and online streaming. With so many sporting events in a year and teams to watch there are many sports fans that could fill the jobs as sports journalist. One of these jobs is the play-by-play sports commentator that gives a live feed and color to the game on real time. And with the inception of the IT services and BPO business many companies branch out their organizational structure to the world of sports. One of these companies who provide a voice in real-time sports is the Data Centric Philippines.

Data Centric Corporation Makati is a newly established BPO call center with the mother company based on Singapore. Its specialization is providing human resources application through live sports data commentary in the following sports: Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer and Football.

The result of using BPO in the world of sports resulted in bridging the gap of communication effectively based on the discerning perception and preference of the consumer. DataCentric intention is to supplement the IT technology of the business side of sports.

The resulting structure of Data Centric Philippines has become ideal to many business companies that want to have a parallel development in the world of sports and at the same time allocating their resources to much better revenue. Companies today are engaging in BPO companies, IT services, hiring sub-contractors and consultants to get a long term contract that would benefit both consumer and the business sector. The many teams hired are professionals who handle the technical side of the business and removing peripheral activities that was deemed unnecessary to the business. In addition, these technical liaisons or BPO companies have been helping in the good PR relations of the business group, their teams and their consumers.

Flexibility, low-cost friendly, allows emphasis on central activities, a continuous progress ad increased in demand by the consumer have been the advantages of BPO call centers like Datacentric Corporation.

Although they are new in the business, their foothold in the contribution of sports and sports commentaries has become viable. This lead to the promotion of services an product which is an integral part in today’s economic environment.

Data Centric Philippines enable consumers to become more involved in the game even though they are halfway around the globe. The call center for sports commentary is a good dynamic and agile strategy in relation to business management that well serve the small and big business, as well as, consumer responses.

Data Centric Philippines call center office address:

  • Data Centric Makati
    Standard Chartered Building
    6788 Ayala Ave, Makati City

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