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Datacom Philippines

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Datacom Southeast Asia is one of the world’s largest professional IT services companies that is based in Australia that provides services to the world’s biggest data users such as IBM, Hewlett Packard, Netgear, Fujitsu, Lexmark, CISCO as well as federal and state governments of different countries.

Formed in Christchurch New Zealand in 1965, Datacom considerably grown to provide Contact Center Solutions, Business Solutions, and Database Managed Services through the effective use of the most advanced Information Technology helping companies meet world expectations despite limited resources. It essentially helps companies in deploying, harnessing and utilizing information technology to improve the individual and overall operations of business as well as in new innovative endeavors that creates its competitive advantage. The efficacy and fine-tuning of business systems is what extricate a business organization and creates its sustained advantage against competitors.

Datacom Philippines provides a range of IT solutions and services that is custom fit to the requirements and circumstances of individual partner client. For application & web development solutions, it provides Enterprise Application Development, Application Outsourcing, Enterprise Mobility Applications, Intranet Design and Development and Legacy System Transformation, among others. For professional services solutions, Datacom Philippines provides IT Infrastructure Design and Build, and Enterprise Management Solutions. Managed services solutions included Systems Management, Business Information Systems, and Data centers. IT Procurement Solutions involves Software Licensing and End of Life Management and Recycling. Finally, Datacom Philippines has also started providing contact center solutions which included all inbound and outbound services since the early 1990s.

Datacom’s Approach is essentially geared towards providing value from IT using a expert realistic approach complemented with a positive attitude, and amicable and accessible slant that is backed up by 15 long years of trading history with the biggest names and brands in the different industries. Datacom Philippines attributes its continuous growth to its values of professionalism, trustworthiness, innovativeness, commitment and efficiency that is practiced and experienced by every client it has.

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