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Posted on September 2, 2016 | No Comments on First Datacorp

In more than 20 years, First Data Corporation has strived to progress their services to its clients’ businesses through software consulting and technology deployment, service management and system integration among many others. The company is dedicated to be the leading Filipino information technology company that creates and delivers topnotch and innovative solutions and services not only in the Philippines but also across the globe. First Datacorp also believes that a strong governance in information technology, coupled with backbone in information is vital in its goal to enhance and grow its clients’ businesses. A successful track record of an information technology partner, together with its long-term concept is capable of providing the fundamentals in shaping and adaptive and successful business. So whether your company is a large scale enterprise or it just emerged, First Data Corporation can provide with a team of professionals with exceptional expertise in world-class IT technologies who can address your business needs.

Adobe Systems. These are the tools and solutions which can enhance your business’ digital media and marketing experience. Various enterprises and educational institutions can benefit from the licensing programs which provides simple software license ordering, administration and volume discount offers.

EMC. This provides solutions to the challenges of medium and large organizations. This solution scales the company’s systems capacity as well as the performance, reduces the complexity of the business environment and distributing the increased levels of the availability of information and also, protecting the critical data and applications.
F5 Networks. This provides carrier grade solutions that are utilized by all of the top 10 mobile and fixed service providers round the world. The F5 Service Delivery Network gives a combined foundation with deep session intelligence, and the capability to fit any service offerings.

HP Software Management Solutions. This includes the wide-range suit of HP Software tools with paths such as Business Alignment, infrastructure Optimization and Process automation. HP products also include enterprise servers, laptops, PCs as well as storage and network solutions.

Since 1985, First Data Corporation has evidently been client-focused as a technology advisor. Being proud of its Filipino roots, the company is more interested in utilizing local talents and expertise in offering services and solutions to its clients around the world. Being a part of the team at First Datacorp will keep you engaged, fun-loving and ready for any challenge. As the company says, agile thinkers always perform better.

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