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DataSearch Philippines

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Data Search Management Corporation is a Philippine-based business process outsourcing company that is founded in 1995 and is principally engaged in data processing. By data processing, DataSearch Philippines operation is mainly involved in transcription and data entry that caters companies from the US, UK and Australia. Data processing essentially involves the digitalization of data so that they can be inputted in the system. This is important especially in conversion of old records so that they are made accessible and retrievable online. As such, the company was essentially named Data Search Management which reflects its commitment to allow companies to search their database no matter how aged it is so that all historical files and accounts are included in a modern information system.

Accuracy and speed are the two major values held by DataSearch Philippines in carrying out its services. Accuracy pertains to the exactness or precision of data because all information technology system is subject to garbage in garbage out problem, which means that the quality of output essentially depends on the quality of input. DataSearch Philippines provides detailed care for every data that it processes. Speed on the other hand pertains to the swiftness of providing its service. This is because data is continuously in need and companies cannot afford to put a halt on operations just because data is currently undergoing processing. Data Search provides lightning speed service to make data needed immediately available to companies for their continuous utility.

Data Search Philippines currently employs more than 100 professionals that provide data entry, transcription (i.e. legal, medical and business transcriptions) and data process management for the company. It also has a service branch in Cabuyao, Laguna. Some employees are given the privilege to work from home subject to strict conditions. Apart from a fair remuneration packages, the company also offers incentives, bonuses and other benefits for a comprehensive compensation for their employees.

Datasearch Philippines main call center address:

  • Datasearch Alabang
    Ground Floor Corporate Center Bldg.
    Finance Rd Madrigal Business Park
    Ayala Alabang Muntinlupa city

For Career opportunities, please visit Datasearch Philippines Job Openings.

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