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DBP Data Center

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DBP Data Center, Inc. (DCI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the country’s pre-eminent development bank, Development Bank of the Philippines. DCI has its roots in the DBP Data Center as it has been founded in 1982. The company has been operating and maintaining the bank’s various IT systems in 30 years of committed IT service.

DCI is the only corporation that is owned and controlled by the government. It offers services such as IT Project Management and Consultancy, IT Procurement and BAC, Maintenance, Managed Services, ISSP Formulation and Implementation among others. DCI also offers it services and expertise in Information Technology not only to DBP, but also to the government and private sectors as well.

Project Management
DCI has a team that can handle any IT project virtually – from its initiation until its completion. With this, the company can provide project management services. DCI assists its clients to closely monitor and oversee the project through guiding in the short and long term planning, supervising and observing of the project components, giving status reports and making sure that the project will be completed.

Maintenance Services and Managed Services
DCI perfectly understand the challenge and the difficulty of the government when it comes to hiring and keeping excellent IT experts. Furthermore, one of the integral parts of sustaining an IT system is its maintenance, as well as the hardware and software. DCI is capable of providing the requirements of a certain government agency when it comes to staffing, in order to have a team that would take care of the maintenance of its systems.

DCI is also capable of providing services and collocation facilities for servers. Once the on-site maintenance has been taken care off, the agency no longer have to worry about it, thus, it can be more focused and dedicated in its core business processes. Maintenance cost can just be included in the agency’s operational expense (OpEx), since maintenance cost can be estimated in a monthly or even a yearly basis.

IT Trainings
For management and staff of government agencies, DCI offers to conduct IT trainings. This is to supply them with most of the basic knowledge and skills about the tools in Information Technology. These trainings are guaranteed to give the clients information on the latest innovation and developments in IT and other technologies related to it, which will make them capable of analyzing, formulating and implementing tactical, strategic and operational information technologies.

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