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How to Deal with Difficult Boss

In most call center companies, you will deal with different leaders. There are good leaders that will surely motivate the team members. However, if your boss is hot tempered, inconsistent and stubborn, that is a difficult scenario. You may feel demotivated, discourage and depressed. These symptoms may lead you to push back and just file a resignation letter. Here are some suggestions on how to deal with your situation:

Are you willing to be jobless? Filing an abrupt resignation and looking for a new job will take a while. So make sure you will survive many months of waiting for a new job. Best case scenario is look for a job while still employed. Be sure to have a new job before filing your resignation.

Talk to your boss. If you have enough courage, directly talk to your boss regarding the issue. You still had a working relationship with your boss, and stayed long enough, so that means you can directly talk to him/her. Under this scenario, two-way communication is the key. Hopefully, your boss listens to your concerns.

Learn from the situation. Always be grateful for everything, including your boss. These bad behaviors will serve as valuable lessons for you. Don’t do these things once you are the boss. Always maintain a positive state of mind on your work.

Talk to HR on other options. Ask the HR if you still have an option to transfer to another department, or another job within the company. In this way, you will have a new boss, hopefully a better boss than the last one.

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