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Dealing with Difficult People at Work

Work is our second home. People spend at least 8 hours of their waking hours a day at work, which translates to a lot in a life time. Because of which, it is important that one establishes a harmonious relationship with people at work, which is not really an easy task considering that work is a melting pot of different people with different personalities, who are contending against each other for promotion. In lieu of which, it is not uncommon for a person to find someone at work with whom one feels a sense of antagonism or hostility with. Sometimes, there are simply some people who are inherently born to be differing or opposed to one’s personalities. In short, it is often inevitable for someone to meet people who are difficult to deal with. So how do you deal with that?

Self control. A great person is someone who knows himself very well and achieves a great sense of self control. By self control, it means that a person is proactive and reactive. One does not react to a difficult person to deal with but remains proactive by doing what one is suppose to do. The first thing to do in dealing with people is not to react to difficult people. You are self contained and self sufficient and you should not let yourself be affected by someone who seemed not to like you.

Identify the problem. People are born good. We are God’s creations and God never created someone or something that is inherently bad. Even Satan was once God’s most favorite angel. Try to understand the difficult person by observing his/ her actions or getting unsolicited feedbacks from co-employees. That difficult person may be suffering from depression, trauma or simply a bad hair day. By knowing, the root cause of the difficult person’s problem, one can better understand his behavior or intentions.

Be kind. If he throws a rock at you, throw him a bread. That is the ultimate kindness. More over, if you believe that you are kind, kindness never discriminates or chooses whom to be kind. By maintaining your kindness, you can change people. As God commanded let yourself be the light to leader others away from darkness. By showing your kindness, you can also bring out the kindness in the person.

Love your enemies. As Jesus commanded, love your enemies. Where is the glory in loving people who loves you back. This is the most difficult commandment of God. But for our purposes, love calms everything. Maintaining anger and hatred in your heart will make you feel troubled and frustrated everyday especially in seeing a difficult person to handle. But if you love people including that difficult person, everything gets in their right places and you can go on with your life and in whatever you are doing with a swift without feeling encumbered by any weight.

Ignore. If nothing works, simply ignore. Don’t let other people affect you. Some people may simply be hard to deal with, but you should not allow yourself to be encumbered with such problem. However, always try to find a way to reach out by being kind. Do not escalate issues which can worsen the situation. Just stay calm, be yourself and do what you do best.

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