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Debt Collection Scripts and Rebuttals

One of the most difficult call center services is debt collection. This is an area in which many agents usually gets to meet irate, furious mad enraged fuming annoyed customers of all types. Agents in the debt collection service however, should understand that handling very angry customers is an integral part of the job and should therefore learn scripts and techniques on how to handle and overcome them. Most often than not, agents are provided with a debt collection script in making a call to a prospective debtor or client. While there are not standards in creating the script, here are a few tips that should be essential in the script. First of to introduce your name and name of your company and for which company are you working in behalf. This is stipulated by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Another common cliche that customers use in blocking the call is by denying that the person you are calling is that one you are talking or denying that they owe anything to anybody. In short, be prepared to handle any excuses. One can control the situation by countering responses of customer with a well-thought out reply. For instance, if the customer said he paid in check, then one can ask for the check number and date it was mailed. If the customer says he’s having cash flow problems, reply back by offering a feasible and reasonable payment plan so that customer can partially and gradually settle account. If the customer says he doesn’t know about any invoice or document, answer back that you can fax or send the documents via email today. In short, try to provide and address the problems of the client so as he will not have any reason to end the call or deny the debt.

To do this, the agent should be well familiar with the facts of debtor, before making the call including amount owed, terms of sale, products/services purchased, payment due date and other matters and dates. Do not create a dull moment in which the customer will wait but keep him/her engaged with the conversation because it is important that one answered and attended the phone call on the first place.

Finally, stay relaxed and composed and objective. Do not get affected personally by sudden mood changes of the customer, the yelling, cursing or any other uncalled for behaviour of the customer. Remember that they are all part of the job.

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