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DelegaIT Corporation

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Delegait is an Australian owned and operated company that provides provide a comprehensive solution for companies in areas of human resource, recruitment, technology, turnkey office facilities, and local management designed to improve operations and optimize costs. As a business services and commercial real estate company, DelegaIT Philippines serves companies for security, culture, standards, legislative compliance or client requirements. It also caters businesses that can’t outsource but wants to avail of the competitive benefits of outsourcing.

Delegait is not an outsourcing company, BPO firm or an agency because clients hire their own employees, through its assistance and operate the business functions directly with their chosen employees. Delegait simply makes the process of putting up an offshore branch very quick, safe and easy, by providing Office space and facilities on a per-seat basis, Recruitment Agency services, Full local HR services, Technology solution including international phone lines, Online real time monitoring, timesheeting, Payroll processing, Tight physical security and Australian manager on location. DelegaIT Philippines also delivers services such as Incorporation, compliance, audit, risk management, AP and AR services through its partners.

Through these services, Delegait provides an alternative to outsourcing, which is insourcing. It allows client organisations access to all of the financial benefits of outsourcing without the downside risks. Clients can directly hire, fire and direct own employees, access local labour rates, retain the control of the process and quality. This allows for maintaining security, culture, standards, legislative compliance or client requirements – in order to keep service delivery, intellectual property and confidential information in the hands of their own employees. What Delegait caters are companies desiring for the flexibility and control of having their own staff in their own facilitated office environment.

DelegaIT Philippines office address:

  • DelegaIT Mandaluyong
    15/F Summit One Office Tower
    #12 Shaw Boulevard
    Mandaluyong City, Philippines
    Tel: (02) 718 2234

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