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Deliveree On-Demand Logistics

Posted on December 21, 2016 | No Comments on Deliveree On-Demand Logistics

In this world which is full of gadgets, technology, and new innovations, the way we communicate differs already. Before, it has taken time before one can book for a cab, but now, people can easily use an app and book their trip using their phone. This experience has given many business ideas for start-up companies. Hence, Deliveree On-Demand Logistics has been conceived in order to provide people convenience and ease in picking-up and delivering their packages. By just using an application online, people can already transact business.

Products and Services
Deliveree On-Demand Logistics is a company which works by picking up and sending packages for their clients. On-demand means that their clients can book their services easily and at their most convenient time. Hence, no matter how big the package is, people can send it wherever they want.

This company currently offers services in selected metro areas in Southeast Asia—specifically in Thailand and Indonesia. They are planning to open new branch soon in the Philippines.
Their services are basically transporting packages. How they work is this:

  1. The client downloads their Deliveree application. Then, they will book a service with them. The client has to tell whether the package is big or small. They have to specify the size of the package.
  2. The Deliveree staff will go to the area. Then, they will send the package already. The client may monitor how the package will reach its destination using the application as well. Rest assured that the package is in good hands because it can be monitored anywhere, anytime.

Why Should You Work Here
Working with this dynamic team can give you the cozy atmosphere that you ever wanted in your job. Their employees are treated with refreshments and exciting treatments whenever the employers like. Its vision and mission have helped them to cater dynamic professionals to work with their team. This working environment has even encouraged a person to shift her career from organizing event to organizing deliveries. This definitely is a wonderful experience that they can look forward. Its favorable compensation, benefits, and amazing activities will surely give you an amazing experience as well. There is no need to worry about camaraderie because you will feel welcome once you work with them.

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