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Dempsey Resource Management

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Dempsey Resource Management Inc. (DEMPSEY) is an executive search and referral services firm that helps companies in sourcing for capable, proficient and qualified experts and professionals to fill up different positions in their organization. It is not a contracting agency. Instead, it refers qualified candidates for employment to private companies who directly hires referred candidate. It aims to help companies ease the direct hiring process by way of sourcing, profiling, pre-qualifying and endorsing applicants. Dempsey Philippines also simultaneously helps professionals find opportunities and find the right job that will realize their full potential and help them attain successful careers. It continuously aims for excellence in providing executive search and placement services while creating an ideal office-work environment for employees for the end satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Dempsey Resource Management helps companies by sourcing and finding suitable candidates by way of prompt deployment, having a larger pool of applicants to choose from, getting good quality applicants and get value-for-money in the recruitment process. Its Core Competencies are in the fields of Finance, Accounting, HR and Admin, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Technical, IT, Web and Programming, Behavioral Science and Creative & Liberal Arts. To ensure prompt action, the company has HR Sourcing Specialists who are in charge for the recruitment needs of a client. To ensure Cost-Efficient Recruitment Process, only those hired from the recommended applicants are paid by client. A replacement guaranty is also provided as part of its insurance quality. It also follows a Non-Exclusivity Clause, in which clients can freely engaged with other recruitment companies to address their recruitment needs thereby showing that the company relies on the quality and competence of its candidates being referred to.

Dempsey Resource Management recruitment office address:

  • Dempsey Quezon City
    5/F Vicars Building
    31 Visayas Avenue, Vasra
    Quezon City, Philippines
    Tel: (02) 3523115 / (02) 4565916

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