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Denso Techno Co.

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As the company has been established in 1984, Denso Techno’s corporate philosophy and its spirit have shaped the very foundation of its business as it expanded both domestically and abroad, in wide ranging technological fields that include industrial equipment and information systems, with specific focus on automobile parts.

Particularly, it is the company’s technological expertise in areas that include original simulation analysis technology (CAE: Computer Aided Engineering) enhanced and designed for the bulk production of car electronics that has aided in developing the already exceptional competitiveness of the Denso Techno Group.

As the company face the persistent speed of market globalization and modification of customer’s needs, by expecting the evolution of electronics and mechatronics technology, it is committed to retain leading the industry by offering excellent added value that will go beyond the expectations of its clients and customers. As Denso Techno strives to reach this, the company guarantees that it will always remember the essence of providing exceptional value to its clients, and cultivating its employees with variety and deep expert technical strengths and brilliant creativity. The company’s team of highly-motivated, exceptionally talented and passion driven young engineers are always on the go to accept each and every challenge that they could possibly encounter every step of the way.

Denso Techno is always dedicated to always challenge possibilities, and provide innovative technology that its clients can ultimately trust. To be able to achieve this goal, it is very essential that the company gains the understanding and acknowledgement of future market demands in a timely manner, and remain in providing brand new and excellent added value that truly and ultimately pleases its clients. It is this new added value that will definitely guarantee that Denso Techno continues to be the company that its employees can be proud of, for the reason that the company inspires its clients and participate in the society development.

Business Domain
Denso Techno, as part of the Denso group, is primarily responsible for the management of process from specification development to bulk production for the enhancement and design of the bulk produced products for consumers. This covers a wide range of technical fields that includes software design, electronic circuit design and equipment design. Denso Techno is also determined in accepting the brand new technical areas as it also matures and evolves into a company that has the capacity of responding to hastening environmental changed and customer needs.

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