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Develop Computer Services Calls

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Help desk is at the core of tech support service. Support services can be as simple as providing operation instructions to as complex as diagnosing and solving a system problem. And much like any other customer service script, it starts with a general greeting and introduction which is important to develop customer confidence and provide them a glimpse of what to expect. At this point, greeting scripts should also be developed incase no agent is currently available. Moreover, a standard greeting would also include thanking the customer for the call to show how much the company values the customer.

A customer service call normally follows a standard sequence of task actions which the agent should facilitate. After initially hearing the complaint or need of the customer, the agent must establish the identification of the customer by getting customer profile information for verification purposes. Most agents are then able to retrieve customer account through their company service system. This will allow agent to check customer history and other related information one may need for addressing customer concern. For instance, the technical problem may have been caused by cutting of the customer’s account for delinquency. If the issue is a truly a diagnostic problem, then the helpdesk agent can either take the call and conduct the diagnosis or refer customer to a tech support specialist.

The development of computer service calls is not restricted to the script to be used when communicating to customers. It also involves adapting good telephone skills. For instance, smiling when talking can modify the voice, which can prompt the customer to picture or imagine the agent to be smiling. One should listen carefully and always maintain courtesy. Agents should also avoid interrupt the customer by making only a conclusion only after all the facts/ information had been presented by the customer. Once the problem had been addressed, ask if customer is satisfied and ask for any other needs that the agent can be of service. Finally, always close the call by thanking the customers.

Developing computer service calls is basically the same as any other customer service call. The difficult part would be asking the right the diagnostic tests to identify and isolate problems and providing resolutions to a problem especially to a lay customer who is totally clueless of computer technology and operations.

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