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Difference between CSR and TSR

In the call center industry, customer service is the most common service provided by the agents. Customer service essentially pertains to the provision of all types of service to clients of another company before, during and after a purchase of a product or service from the call center’s account. This service is comprised by different activities designed to increase the customer satisfaction particularly to address or meet customer expectation.

The term CSR (customer service representative) and TSR (technical support representative) are fundamentally encompassed under the umbrella concept of customer service. The major difference between the two is the type of customer service provided. CSR pertains to agents who usually provide support and assistance to customers in correct use and optimizing a product. This includes assistance in setting up, installation, fixing, maintenance and disposal of a product. CSR also pertains to agents that handle services like answering customer queries, taking orders, scheduling deliveries, confirming and following up orders, among many others.

TSR on the other hand refers to agents that provider technical support to products or services. This is especially applies to technology products such as cellular phones, computers, internet connection (ISP), software products and other electronic or mechanical commodities. The support provided by TSR like using or installing software application or trouble shooting one’s internet connection are essentially technical in nature.

It is interesting to note that tech support representatives often receive higher salaries compared to customer service representatives. This is apparently because of the technical skills and technical training that TSR employees are required to possess to effectively provide the said technical service. Obviously, it is more difficult to configure internet application servers, which a TSR does than simply answering a query about the company’s latest promo, which a CSR does. Such disparity is reflected in the difference of salaries.

Aside from the normal qualifications that a CSR employee must have such as English proficiency, being self motivated, detail-oriented and organized, among others, TSR employees must have specialized technical skills to effectively provide support. For instance, TSR employees that help in configuring software solutions must need to have an IT background while those providing support for mobile phone use must have electronics background.

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