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First Digital Finance

Posted on July 23, 2016 | No Comments on First Digital Finance

First Digital Finance is a financial technology company which is based in Manila Philippines. It is dedicated to drive financial innovation in the Philippines. The company controls the most innovative and latest technology so to decrease the operational cost while enhancing the efficiency to be capable of providing better and more affordable products to its customers. The founders of First Digital Philippines are a team of professionals with exceptional skills and expertise, with both local and international expertise in banking, technology and consulting.

Recently, the company has launched an online lending service called Loanranger.ph. This is the first ever service in the country that will provide an almost instant credit to customers, offering an expedient and safe alternative to unregulated lenders. The company aims to provide a hassle-free financial help to anyone in the Philippines. Anyone is more than welcome to apply for a loan, whether or not the consumer has a credit history. This is very suitable and helpful even, especially to those who need financial assistance in starting up a business, paying tuition fees, or investing in the next big opportunity. What’s more, the application has been made accessible because the process can be done online.

First Digital Finance is currently looking for skilled and talented individuals who would like to be a part of a team of professionals with exceptional expertise, and are eager to learn more. In February, the company has started looking for mobile application developers, AI/Machine learning specialists, and python developers among others.

Mobile application developers. Successful applicants in this post will be joined in the company’s technology team, which uses technology platforms of Android and iOS.

Python developers. Successful applicants for this post will be joined as well in the company’s founding developing team. Interested parties must also possess the qualifications like those of the mobile application developers.

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