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Digitel – Digital Telecommunications Philippines

Established in 1987, Digital Telecommunications Philippines (“DIGITEL”) is one of the two largest telecommunications companies that dominate the nation. Digitel Philippines is a member of the JG Summit Group, one of the largest and most diverse conglomerates in the country which has companies from different industries from transportation, banking, real estate, petrochemicals and publishing, among others.

Aside from creating the largest fixed-line network and telecommunications services in Luzon outside of Manila, it is also an operator of mobile telecommunications (Sun Cellular) which has specialized in providing corporate level solutions that is affordable to SMEs and the ordinary Filipino. This has distinctively made the company a hero for the masses as it helped uplift the level of the ordinary Filipino by making modern technology and services affordable and accessible to the ordinary Juan. As demonstrated in its products and services, Digitel Philippines dedicates itself to building a new generation of technology-savvy Filipinos who can compete head to head globally against other nationalities. It also aims to serve as the connecting link of Filipino families here and abroad to maintain the value of family ties that continue to bind us. With its customer contact services, the company wishes to take the competitiveness of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies and other companies through revolutionary and enduring solutions.

The Digitel call center provides customer relationship management solutions from sales to after sales service to the different products and services of the company from Broadband solutions, landline (wired and wireless), prepaid services, and loyalty programs for both Digitel and Sun mobile to individual customers as well as corporate accounts which included other international BPO companies. For its innovative applications and related technologies provided to customer contact companies, Digitel was included one of the top 10 call centers in the world by the Aberdeen Group, a premium IT market analysis and positioning services firm.

Digitel Philippines call centers are located in:

  • Digitel
    11/F Galleria Corporate Center
    Quezon City Philippines
  • Digitel Laguna
    Brgy Labas J.P.Rizal Street Sta. Rosa,
    Laguna Philippines
  • Digitel Pampanga
    NepoMart Complex, Angeles
    Pampanga Philippines
  • Digitel QC
    110 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Bagumbayan
    Libis, Quezon City


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4 thoughts on “Digitel – Digital Telecommunications Philippines

  • February 18, 2015 at 7:48 am

    I am a digital subscriber from Ilocos Sur. We have been having problems with our DIGITEL line for more that 2 years now. Our landline has no dial tone and there is also no internet signal. I have been paying my bills up to date. But this time I would like to terminate our subscription because it is already useless…Can anybody tell me how will I be able to reach DIGITEL. I tried calling them through cellular phone but to no avail.

  • January 31, 2015 at 6:40 am

    Where is the Digitel Office which is responsible for Mamburao/Occidental Mindoro

  • April 1, 2013 at 2:22 am

    what do you do to us, digitel subscribers? you left us hanging in the air. Starting Novermber,2012 we do not have telephone (and internet) service. I thought it was just ordinary because we are accustomed to it since. Nonetheless, after countless prodding to your technical staff here in Laguna,we waited because apologetic as they were, cable lines were allegedly stolen and our line was one of the many lines affected. They ask me to wait and it will be restored soon because the problem was already reported to the your office. Its a long wait so I went to your San Pedro, Laguna office only to find out it was closed already. I went to your Sun office for some queries but unfortunately I was told that my concern is not anymore theirs because everything is under PLDT already. You just attached the advisory in our bill that all transactions will be managed by PLDT. I thought PLDT will restore our line but to my amazement its a different thing, we will apply for PLDT service and they have nothing to do with DIGITEL. I threshed out to reach you by phone but no one is answering. I went again to a SUN office(where we usually pay our bill) asking them for a termination of our telephone line. Although they are bit hesitant because they said Sun is different from Digitel, they accepted my request. ACCORDINGLY, I should have still to settle my account. Dear DIGITEL, my only unpaid accounts are on the months you did not serve us. Efforts have been made but YOU LEAVE US HANGING, NO PERSONNEL TO GIVE US THE RIGHT INFORMATION AND TO GUIDE US WHAT TO DO. WE’VE BEEN VERY LOYAL TO YOUR COMPANY – digitel FOR SO LONG… HETO LANG PALA ANG NAPALA KO. IS IT MY FAULT FOR NOT SETTLING MY ACCOUNT WHICH I DO NOT DESERVE NOR YOU ALSO. Please do not do the same to your other clients.

  • January 17, 2013 at 4:18 am

    can we ask were is digitel office located here in angele City, and also ca we ask for telephone # if any.


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